Corporate Services

Contracts Services

International consulting

Consulting services focused on exploration, analysis, and promotion of
international businesses and market development

Contracts Services

Development of business plans

Structuring of sustainable business plans based on corporate planning, economic feasibility, patrimonial worth maximization, including financial modeling, costing methodologies survey, and capital structures assessment.

Contracts Services

Back office services

Management of sales and purchase of goods and services. Administration of resources according to the client's needs and instructions. Accounting and bookkeeping service for accurately recording of the income and expenses operation. Taxation service, including planning, preparing, handling and payments of taxes.

Contracts Services

Free Trade Zones - FTZs

Evaluation, creation, development and follow-up of FTZ projects.

Structuring and designing of FTZ applications before legal authorities. Economic, financial and logistics assessment of investment projects related to FTZ legal incentives. Real estate operations associated to FTZ industrial parks. Elaboration of applications for companies to operate under FTZ regime.